Dr. Hunter's hands-on approach to mastering writing (and reading) through the following: use of fail-safe definitions of grammatical units; immersion in sentence structure via rearranging of sentence parts; and innovative paragraph and essay instruction.


Dr. Hunter's hands-on approach to mastering reading (and writing) through the following: mastery of each of the core sounds (vowel and consonant); mastery of their multiple spellings; and inclusion of simplified definitions of words used.


“[The Sentence Sense text] works–the whole thing; it’s so systematic it’s easy; the students love it.  It gives a handle whereby they can analyze their own writing and improve it.  It involves discovery (and not too much memorizing).  I teach to 100% mastery and get it.”  

Barbara Stubbs, teacher of 7th and 8th graders, Mullica Hill, NJ

“Your text is the BMW product:  simple, solid, doesn’t break down, easy-to-handle, dependable.  Children make progress fast.  They understand more clearly the proper use, position, and reason for grammatical units….  This text helps them solve problems relatively simply, and it is easy to master.”   

Paul Rosman, homeschooler of children grades 5 to 8, Victor, NY

“The text reads in a natural way, as if speaking to the students individually….  The exercises are good and very reinforcing…. Students report back to me, ‘If I hadn’t been in that course, I would have been lost.’ ”   

Sal Batucci, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ

“I was especially pleased with these features:   The explanations made the complex seem obvious;  the stress on sequenced mastery of concepts made the learning possible (before this text, they were frustrated);  the strategies [dovetail] like a flow chart;  the paragraph and essay part of the text helped me feel organized in my instruction.  It all fitted well together.”   

Suzanne Wolfram, 12th grade teacher, Westminster, CO

“I love the way they can’t make mistakes.  Once they really understand it, they get excited and start using it. They say, ‘I really see it.’  They begin to see the big system (versus the bits and pieces that other texts teach).   It’s like learning from the person who formed the English language.” 

Catherine Plocki, a Middle School Teacher in San Anselmo, Cal.

“I am teaching your text to my 11th, 9th, 6th, 4th, and 2nd graders all at once–and I am learning grammar for the first time myself.  It’s been great–so simple and logical.  They–and I–enjoyed the learning experience so much that we are sad that it is coming to an end.”   

Margaret Drye, homeschooler, NH

“The most exciting aspect was seeing a transfer of these [sentence-structure] skills into my students’ writing.   They now have an excellent command of proper sentence structure.  An added bonus was that they do not mind mastering the mnemonic devices and learning strategies which are an intrinsic part of the system.  [This system] works!”  

Barbara Stubbs, teacher of 7th and 8th graders in Mullica Hill, N.J.