The Hunter Writing System: Sentence Sense Skills Practice Book

Skills Practice Book: Sentence-Structure Work

  1. Supplies combined-skill practices repeatedly. (36-37)
  2. So arranges content that later work (right to the end of the text) depends on all earlier work.
  3. Promotes study strategies and life values in sentences and paragraphs.
  4. Strives to be upbeat in all of its comments and stories.

Skills Practice Book: Paragraph & Essay Work

  1. Teaches all paragraph types … and both the informative and persuasive essay.
  2. Includes informal paragraphs–as in autobiographies and friendly letters. (7­9,16-17)
  3. Teaches and always requires an outline.
  4. Highlights topic ideas and topic sentences in models.
  5. Teaches a fresh way to “invent” writing material. (80)

Teaches ample–and some fresh–techniques for improving coherence (interconnectedness) and thence readability.  (89-92)

ISBN:  0-9625839-6-0