Barbara Stubbs, teacher of 7th and 8th graders in Mullica Hill, N.J.

“The most exciting aspect (of the effects of Dr. Hunter’s Writing System) was seeing a transfer of these [sentence-structure] skills into my students’ writing.   They now have an excellent command of proper sentence structure.  An added bonus was that they do not mind mastering the mnemonic devices and learning strategies which are an intrinsic part of the system.   Success has inspired confidence.  My students are in Junior High and for the most part have learning disabilities.  The real joy is when they help their mainstreamed peers understand how sentences work….   [This system] works!”


Sandy Cornish, Southeastern Community Collage, IA.

“When I found the Hunter Writing system method of teaching English, I realized that his was a ‘new’ way of helping students really understand the English sentence, working extensively with the basic component: the verb phrase.  After that, all else was easy.”

Susan Vaughan, teacher of 7th graders, Thomaston, ME.

“The system does work, and students were pleased to have a true system, not a by-guess-and-by-golly one.”

Paul Rosman, homeschooler, Victor, NY

“[Your text] beats the sneakers off of other programs as far as children owning the language.   You’ve made [our language] simple enough to own and operate safely.  [Children] are good on their feet with English; it is easy to master….  They can own it, learn it, know it without it being tattooed to their frames.”


Katherine Plocki, teacher, San Domenico Lower School, San Anselmo, CA
“I feel that learning from this [Sentence Sense] text is like learning from the person who formed the English language.”

Sal Batucci, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ

 “[The system] overcomes the reason students can’t communicate in writing or orally.”