Barbara Stubbs, teacher of 7th and 8th graders, Mullica Hill, NJ

“[The Sentence Sense text] works–the whole thing; it’s so systematic it’s easy; the students love it….  It gives a handle whereby they can analyze their own writing and improve it….  They approach each writing task with confidence….   They remember the work, even when interrupted. It involves discovery (and not too much memorizing).  They take risks as writers because they know how to correct their own work….  They put the sentence work to use as they try to make their sentences sound better or make more sense; they know the rules and try to apply them.   They succeed 100% better than those taught by other systems. 

Paul Rosman, homeschooler, Victor, NY

“Your text is the BMW product:  simple, solid, doesn’t break down, easy-to-handle, dependable.  Children make progress fast; they’re good on their feet with English.  They understand more clearly the proper use, position, and reason for grammatical units….  This text helps them solve problems relatively simply, and it is easy to master….

“What is the difference your text makes?  Knowing your system, they have a leg up on, and are a notch above, other students.  All the other programs that I have experienced have required rote memory.  As students proceed through your program, their growth is evidenced by the way they successfully complete the practices so that at the end of each section, we’re left with a student that knows what he has done (that is, understands the mechanisms involved in the work he’s done), versus one that is struggling to remember what he has recited.

“Your system has the same kind of concreteness as Math-U-See because it is like students’ building the language as they go.  By forcing them to put it together (versus remember, say, a past participle), it’s now language that they can see; it’s concrete, positive.  Students are enabled to read, analyze, and communicate more clearly and effectively.

“If you  compare before-Hunter writing with post- or interim-Hunter writing, you can see the improvement, and there is more depth to what a student can produce and/or understand.”