Barbara Stubbs, 7th and 8th grade teacher, Mullica Hill, NJ

“[The text] gives a handle whereby [students] can analyze their own writing and improve it….   After 12 chapters, my 8th grade students write not only with maturity but also with sophistication.  I would never return to the old way of teaching.”

Edward and Terry Zimmer, homeschoolers, Courtland, VA

“After completing the Sentence Sense text in 10th grade,  daughter entered college in her junior year and was the best student in  her college freshman writing class.”

Fred W. Scott, Ellsworth Correctional Facility, KS

“A prisoner who had never taken the writing portion of the GED test because he had done so poorly in the reading, spelling, and grammar parts of the pretest (everyone was skeptical that he would ever pass) studied the Sentence Sense text on his own for six weeks (and covered approximately six chapters).   He then took the writing portion of the GED test and passed with a score of 38.”