Created after years of teaching grammar successfully, this program gives students the skills they need to learn grammar and become better at writing and reading. This easy-to-teach grammar textbook can help even your most challenging student write and read. It has proven to be successful in helping everyone from struggling children to college-bound seniors, and can help your learner, too. Order now, or click here to read testimonials from those who have used and loved this textbook.
Features to Note:
  • Teaches ownership of sentence structure through understanding of sentence parts, especially of word groups;
  • Uses proven strategies to find verbs;
  • Teaches how to use the verb to better understand sentence structure; and
  • Teaches success at self-editing.


  • Teaches why English works the way it does;
  • Provides hands-on practice for quicker learning;
  • Assures quick successes that make learning fun;
  • Supplies step-by-step learning and practice; and
  • Succeeds because no prior knowledge of grammar is needed.
What Makes the Hunter Writing System Work Better Than Traditional Grammar? Developed over 20 years, this text is an exciting way to teach grammar, as well as writing and reading. After using this new approach, students become successful writers and readers by unlocking the structure of English, making it their own, and building on their understanding in each new lesson. This chart gives a side-by-side comparison of the Hunter Writing System with Traditional Grammar.