Jo Lanni, teacher at Shaker Junior High School in Latham, N.Y.

“Dr. Tony Hunter’s phonics made my son Mike a good speller; it made him aware of English spelling, such as the spelling in “lamb” with its silent “B” and the difference between “gaze” and “gauze.” It helped him get his feet under him after one of his teachers had called him “stupid” — something that affected him tremendously. It opened his mind. It clarified for him how spelling and silent letters work.”

[I had worked with Mike once or twice a week for about five weeks in the summer before he started fifth grade.]

Jennifer Haver, Special Education Teacher at Shaker High School in Latham, N.Y.

“After working with Tony for several months, my special education student demonstrated a remarkable amount of growth! Not only did her reading level increase by several grade levels, her confidence rose equally and she began to believe she could succeed. Tony’s program was well organized and comprehensive. His focus on individual letter sounds and emphasis on repetition makes it simple to follow and effective for even the weakest readers. When years of reading instruction had proven ineffective, Tony Hunter’s program made a difference.”

[The program Ms. Haver refers to was one of my earliest attempts to teach students phonics in an orderly way. The student was a 10th grader who could not read anything. With the help of my text, first I and then Ms. Haver continued instructions in my phonics approach for many months. About five months from when I started, the student told me that she was reading chapter books.]